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End of June 2018 motivational quotes that motivate and inspire positive change in our lives. Take from it what inspires you to affect lasting change in your life and the lives of those you love.

There you have it. Happiness is a state of mind. If you will it into your life, your consciousness will help it take effect. Affect change through love and respect for yourself and others. Will positivity, peace, tolerance, kindness, generosity, service, love, romance and goodwill into your everyday struggles. Then watch an abundance of miracles begin to stream into your life.

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HOW TO CREATE YOUR BETTER LIFE IN THE YEAR, 2018. #2018 #passion #selfimprovement #affirmations #love @selfdevelopment @personaldevelopement @selfimprovement

I have compiled a list of self-improvement and highly enlightening ways to approach and live your life in 2018. Take from these examples, what you will. Use them as daily affirmations or use them as a guide for your best and most stress and drama free life, in 2018.

Whatever you do, figure out your life`s purpose. Embark on a mission to accomplish your goals or at least most of it, without letting the dark uninvited shadows of procrastination, to creep into your plans for 2018. Go ahead, enjoy learning. As you go along, adopt all affirmations or self-help guides, that apply to your immediate situation.

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Children are the truthful, universal presence of love, sincerity and purity. Here are some very candid hand written notes from our innocent and very precious children. These little messages could bring us some badly needed laughter in this socially intense and politically divisive climate.

Santa better watch out! If he dares to forget getting a pony for this child, there will be immeasurable consequences. Dear Santa, be careful. I daresay, it must suck to be you right this moment. 12569410-37-650-56a979e0b0-1490719445.jpg.jpeg

Little Larry wants God to understand the simple fact that he has a solution to why Cain – a Shepard by occupation, (first-born son of  Adam and Eve) killed his younger brother Abel – who was a Farmer. In the book of Genesis, it is stated that Cain murdered Abel. Little Larry believes that the mere idea of their parents – Adam and eve, issuing separate rooms to both brothers, could have eliminated Cain`s murderous deed. Point taken.  115.jpg

Alright people. Little Brendan, wants us all to understand the dire importance of good nutrition. This child, lovingly thanks his mother for providing him with the food that nourishes his body. Hey people, Brendan does not want to die yet!honest-notes-from-children-18.jpg

This kid was so terribly hurt by the fact that his parents committed the horrible crime of cutting his or her beloved hair. How dare they? Now, his or her heart is broken. Did you see the image of the broken heart? The drawing that illustrates exhibit B, illustrates images of two buckets, filled to the brim with sorrowful tears. Oh, how could grown-ups be so cruel……..They better not do that again. You see, they run the risk of not experiencing the true privilege of blissful forgiveness, from their offspring. honest-notes-from-children-19.jpg

Joseph, you are the man. How truly brilliant for a child to recognize the harrowing, never before experienced trials and tribulations of parenthood. It does take balls to be a dad. I do not think anybody needs to dispute that ever-present fact.balls.png

Okay, Mitchell is a very compassionate little one. She is very sorry her subject, is about to die. Alas, her drawing shows the little lady with a smile on her face. We do not dare confront you, Mitchell. Death is a no-go zone for most people. Both young and old.die.png

Jonathan definitely has a point. Dinosaurs are extinct. Everyone is safe and we do not ever have to worry about global warming. No fear there, because our President Trump already said, global warming does not exist. We do not have to worry about nuclear weapons, warfare, guns, automobiles, airplanes, drugs and the occasional boogeyman. All we needed to worry about, were dinosaurs. Thanks for the update, Jonathan. dino.jpg

Norma wants God to explain himself to the world, congress and head of the special counsel investigation of Russian interference in the 2016 United States elections and current Special Counsel for the Department of Justice – Mr. Robert Mueller. Norma needs to know if God meant for the giraffe to look the way it does or was it an assebly line  error, our creator may have inadvertently made? Hey, we need to send an SOS to God and Beverly Hills plastic surgeons. What`s up God?giraffe.jpg

This child said, Fruit Promise tastes horrible. Well, her mother has confirmed her daughters opinion. She let us know that, the Fruit Promise beverage, truly does taste quite horrible. We all know that some of these beverages can seriously taste very bad. Please mom, Do not make her drink it again! Point, duly noted.juice.jpg

Mrs. Clark has a very caring and well-informed friend in this child. The child has advised Mrs. Clark to consider bowel movement as a direct source of instant medicine. Okay world, remember Dr. Kid said, when you feel bad, go straight to the loo. Eliminate and voila, a new human is born. The child even went as far as illustrating each sequence. Drawing A, shows an uncomfortable person who is clearly sick and full of  poop. Exhibit B, shows how happy and healthy one can be, as soon as we eliminate all garbage. Quite correct, I must say. poop.png

Ten year old Lucy wants to  communicate the depth of her gratitude to our armed forces. Can you believe it? A ten-year old is actually already very aware of the daily sacrifices that our soldiers go through, in an effort to ensure our safety. Lucy was on point in that regard. Our American warriors are certainly everyone`s hero. I suppose, wonders shall never cease.Image result for examples of precious notes from children

This child surely renews our belief in humanity. The little kid, is trying to convince Santa to skip him or her, simply because the child wants the kids in the coast to receive a larger share of Christmas gifts. The child even wants Santa to convey his or her heartfelt greetings to Santa`s Elfs. What`s more, Santa should feed his reindeer some carrots. Did you notice the fact that this little one has spelt every word, correctly?Related image

Little Joyce is thanking God for her baby brother but would have appreciated it, if God had listened carefully and granted her original wish. What was her original wish you say? Oh she simply asked for a puppy. Don`t you just hate it when you ask God for a studio apartment and he actually evaluates your present situation and provides you with a beautiful mansion, instead. How dare God, not care to thoroughly listen to little Joyce`s original request? Alright people. Listen up! Always listen attentively when little defenseless people ask you to grant them a simple wish. Nuff said.

Related image

OOh, this child is thoroughly angry. Disappointed and still besotted with his or her parents. On one hand, the child is very angry. On the other hand, the kid truly adores the parents. No confusion, there.Image result for examples of precious notes from children

This child is an incredibly big deal. The child`s intention was to communicate how very, very, much the child loves his or her mother. Did you notice that this kid laid emphasis on the fact that the words “Mommy I love you very, very, very much” was about to come to an end? Well, this sentiment was followed by a unique poem: “Roses are red, violets are blue. Mommy`s face gets as red as roses, when daddy eats their snack. The good news is, mommy now realizes the depths of our devotion and the fact that her face mirrors the rich colour of a rose when deprived of nutrition. I think we can all relate.Related image

We all understand how this works. Those who are very dear to us, present us with gifts and because of the constraints of our executive positions as tiny little, very busy  children, we suddenly forget the contents of the gifts we were given. I am certain, we are all afflicted with the disease of forgetfulness, during the holidays. Danger – stay away from forgetfulness.Related image

Zac has the right idea. When we pinch people in the nuts, we ought to profusely apologize to them. Referencing the fact that, the act of placing a band-aid on the pain we caused, may create additional problems, is cognitively in order. The apology goes full steam, when we bribe our injured subjects with the great sum of $1.00. Zac is so very correct. Probably, we ought to share Zac`s letter with the White House. It would shed some light on how much people hurt, when you carelessly insult the very essence of who they are.  Is anybody paying attention? Hello Washington, DC……Related image

Little Brooke has made her point. Mom cannot be replaced. I just don`t think we should punch people in the face simply because they fail to represent our idea of what gives us comfort. Nevertheless, Brooke really loves her mommy and has no intention of replacing her with another one. Okay world! Did you all get that memo?Related image

This child has been egregiously taken advantage of. How dare mom spend $700.00 on a swim test without bringing it to our attention? I just don`t think we should threaten murder and Sodom and Gomorrah, simply because our excellencies were not duly informed of extra acts of love that parents continue to shower us with. Kids, let`s at least, keep our parents alive. I thank organization kids unlimited, in advance, for their understanding, in this very important matter. Grown-ups, you may stop laughing, now.  Related image

Robert`s attempts at finding out God`s nationality, is a shared concern amongst us all. We have been asking this same question for ages. I  just doubt that anyone was ever as bold as Robert. This kid straight up, dramatically asked God to make his case on the world`s stage. Almighty father, are you American? What exactly is your nationality?Robert needs to know, because he`s American. Please, educate us all. Heavenly Father.Image result for examples of precious notes from children

Sign of the times. Sarah is a very strong little girl. She already knows what she wants. Sarah wants Taylor Swift tickets, now. We must be cognizant of the fact that, she is already quite sophisticated in her choices. Let`s remember, Sarah also wants a boyfriend. Oh, you may not attend a Taylor Swift concert without being accompanied by a boyfriend. This kid is so clever, she even-tempered her demands with kisses. I say, we could all learn a lot from Sarah. People, let us always ask for what we want. We just might get it all. Sarah said so. I am with Ms. Sarah. Let`s do this.Related image

You know what? It takes all kinds. We are all talented in very unique ways. We should always convey our appreciation for our parents, probably in many colorful ways. If you love your dad, tell him how much and maybe, go ahead and celebrate some of his talents.Related image

Seven year old Alice Riley wants to know why Nabisco failed to add cream to her Oreo Biscuits. This is a very grave matter. Alice`s complaint is valid. It`s very important that we recognize the fact that these large organizations should deliver what they promise. Hey, Alice wants to know why she`s been stiffed. Please explain. Nabisco….Hello?Image result for examples of precious notes from children

Yeah, Scott has a point. You would be very foolish to buy me a gun that I will in turn, shoot you with. Politically, Scott`s not even aware of what an aggressive can of worms he has inadvertently opened up all over the world. Scott`s saying, Squirt guns, real guns –  why even acquire them?Related image

That`s the way to do it, Emily. When in doubt, run! Emily wants her parents to know how offended she is. She has been wronged and she`s not about to put up with it any longer. Emily is all packed up and ready to leave her parents` home, forever. That will teach them a hard lesson. Everybody out there, what are we going to do? Emily is leaving! She graciously informed her parents that her take off time is 9:30. She`s so generous, she even decided, it was best to leave while both parents were asleep. Emily is not only very considerate. She also has a great deal of class. Do you agree?Image result for examples of precious notes from children

Mom, Christian has a bone to pick with you. What did you do to deserve this much secrecy? Christian plans to run away and start a new life without you. What are you going to do now? Christian is truly upset. Now, what do we do?Image result for examples of precious notes from children

I hope my readers are thoroughly amused by these little, innocent, but very thought provoking expressions. We need laughter now. I hope this serves you well.

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This hashtag, will encourage women to support one another through hardships, difficulties and basic life intrusions and changes. Let’s just commit to true and consistent female empowerment, now.


Change the existing negative views. Let us all make an unbreakable pact – Commit to educating our children. Black, White and every racial group, on planet earth. We should protect  this pact as though, our lives, our legacy and the existence of our children, depended on it.

THE MOVING WOMEN EMPOWERMENT CONFERENCE IN MARCH, 2017Image result for photos of AFRICAN women OF empowerment The Moving Women Empowerment Movement, is an African and Migrant Women`s Empowerment Movement that was established on March 25th, 2017 as a catalyst that will empower women with the practical information they need – to achieve their goals, dreams of a better life and world for themselves and their offspring and those from various backgrounds.

Including those that they would be fortunate enough, to share ideas with, plan with, visualize a richer future  with, and whose triumphs and accomplishments they can help celebrate, as they do theirs.


Let`s make a personal commitment to render a helping hand to those who are less fortunate. If you are amongst the better educated, offer more education. Extend your knowledge. Reach further. Touch the millions of girls and women out there in the universe, by illuminating their world with the magic of literacy.


If you are well traveled – share your experience. If you have had the privilege of living a long life and as a result, have had numerous life experiences – tell us what you know (just for the heck of it). If you are an inventor – share your inventions. Thrill us with the emergence of a new innovation. If you are blessed with financial wealth, share your wealth. Knowing that you could never go broke when you share selflessly, but, intelligently.

 Related image
If you are a society maven – there is no limit to what most of us can gain from becoming more refined and cultured. If you are a philanthropist – tirelessly give to all that desperately will benefit from your generosity.
If you are a communicator – communicate what you know, all day long. If you are a writer – tell us the truth.
When you are born a female – you have a responsibility to love, empower and support your kind, disregarding their race, nationality or station in life.
Image result for photos of women empowerment

Selflessly give one another, an opportunity to make history or change the existing, out dated and dangerously divisive laws and archaic beliefs – worldwide.

Image result for photos of women empowerment

Join together, unite and make a commitment to eradicate and topple classism and racism. Help people look at racism and divisiveness as a highly detrimental step, way backwards. Remember, doing the right thing, is always, Tax Free.


Create within your power, what you can do right now, to introduce positive change, in your community or environment, right now. Do it with complete and total selflessness. If you are certain that you can make a difference, do it. Ignore the naysayers.


Inspire others to step up and realize their individual dreams. Big and small. Do not wait for it to reform itself. take your vision, place it on the world`s stage.

Image result for photos of women empowerment

What do you stand to lose? The chance that you may create inclusive and all empowering, positive global change? If you have a talent or information that will positively get our collective attention, you have a moral responsibility to enforce it.

SOME OF OUR CURRENT INTERNATIONAL INFLUENCERS – DOING WHAT IS NECESSARY TO INTRODUCE, INSPIRE AND SPOTLIGHT FEMALE EMPOWERMENT Women Empowerment: Tory Burch, Tory Burch Foundation, preppy-bohemian style, fashion designer, american lifestyle brand, #embraceambition women empowerment Women Empowerment Tory Burch Style 06e9e4e767e0275b8eb69c7c31c0bae7

Embolden yourselves and others to make female empowerment, a necessary function of your life, everyday. Treat it as the breath we take, each moment, everywhere.


STEP UP TO #Thattoo, anyway, anyhow, you can.

Related image

Commit to helping introduce #Thattoo. Let us use it as a catalyst, for starting and continuing the conversation. The conversation that will break millions of invisible barriers that continue to create oppressive divisiveness, in our midst, globally.

Introduce #Thattoo. Now, Everywhere, Every Time and Beyond.


We must not betray our gender. It`s very important that we take a moment and ask one another, the questions that will bring about the type of change that will shower us and our offspring, with the freedom to live a life, devoid of too many regrets and lackluster contribution to the gentrification of our gender and communities.

Adopt #Thattoo. Let the world know, women empowering one another, is and will continue to be a priority in our daily functions, all over the globe. Let`s do it!

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Today`s game changers and their inspirational stories. Motivate yourself to establish your own gold standard for success and philanthropy. Pave your own way to financial independence.Related image

Six months from now, you may still be doing the same thing. Why not start now. Psssstt…… No one is looking. Direct your passion towards some thing that gives you, a great deal of satisfaction. Nurture it as though, it were a loved one. Then watch the daffodils in your ideological life, reach, full bloom.Related image
We are lucky to be here. Live as though, the world knows, you exist. Step up to the world`s stage. The world has to hear your voice. Tell them, self-worth, can equal net worth. Kick your passion for living large, into full gear. Prove, you belong.
Related image
Look for philanthropists who care to mentor the unknown soldier. Glean from their teachings all that you can. Display their formula for success in the corners of your mind,  as though, it were a science project. Then, create your own idea of what it means to be a success.
Related image
Take your passion and let it`s freak flag fly. Do it with complete and utter abandon. Who said, everyday was Christmas? When things fall apart and your determination begins to betray you, remember why you believed in your ability to pay success a visit.
Image result
Study and earn. Thoroughly investigate your niche. Dutifully cram the pages. Go out and compete with your contemporaries. Reap the rewards of your courage.
Related image
Only you can do you, better. Work your hustle with gusto. Grind like a whole town,  depends on your success. Watch your imagination, catch fire. Work and win.
Related image
True. The female ability to nurture the wildest minds alive, cannot be matched. We arrive on the scene. Emulate your style. Hijack your throne. Blow some smoke in your direction and let you think, you are, still in control. All is well, that ends well.
Image result
Light a creative match under that nagging idea in  your mind. Let your talent, work as your campaign manager. You just might win. Give vision, the old college try.
Related image
Focus on the bottom line. How much revenue, are you reporting, this year? No moral condemnation here. People just want to know how well, your success stacks up. No one really wants to know how rugged the road was.
Image result
Follow the trend. Join the rest of us. Establish your hope for the future. Launch your own crown jewel of financial freedom. The time is now. Do it now. There is a positive change in the economic landscape.
Image result
If it`s worth doing, why are we sliding through it? Dramatically approach your tasks carefully. Reduce your mistakes. Pay attention .
Related image
Work hard because, this is your passion. You just might uncover your own piece of the American pie.
Image result
Get up. Try again. The long road to success, are paved with hot coals and human fire ants. If you galvanize your efforts, you will reap the fruits of success.
Image result
Nuff said!
Related image
Fall down. Stand up. Try again. Remember, you might as well, continue to forge ahead. Get up when there seems to be no other reason to hope for a final opportunity. Fight to win, when your heart is breaking and your defeats outmaneuver your wins. Who knows, this time, you may raise up and fly like Jordan.
Related image
Give the people what they ask for. Serve your clients without a personal agenda. Handle them with care. You may be the connection between their aspirations and peace of mind.
Related image
The more often you try, the better your chances of ever succeeding.
Related image
Believe in your ability to write your own ticket. Decide, you will succeed. You will.
Image result
Plot out and properly investigate your road to success. Diligently study the map of success. Memorize every intricate detail. Then, work your miracle. Attack and win.Image result
The American spirit is indestructible. We may be temporarily disconnected right now. Fact still remains though – we always eventually find a way to do what`s right.
Related image
Keep on plowing through. With each failure, dig deep and find a reason to keep on trying: for if you do not, what  else, do you prefer to do, with yourself? Jump up and try again. This time, you will eclipse Gates.
Related image
Act with authority – While demonstrating the right degree of influence. Remember, the orchestra follows the conductor. One wrong movement and the orchestra, plays the wrong song.
Image result
Turn around. Think again. Is that what you actually planned? Make an independent choice that brings you, pride, peace of mind and financial access. So, plan carefully.
Related image
Give your very best. Move right on. Live without regret. Relax, knowing that, you served with all of the resources at your disposal. You left no professional stone, unturned.
Related image
Make the dream, yours. Focus on creating your own empire.
Related image
Expose your iron will. Never let life`s pitfalls turn you away from your original goals. Stare your struggle in the eye. Buck up, Flex your die-hard muscles, move up and register your personal and economic intent.
Related image
Naysayers revel in your failures. Never accept defeat. Continue to grab on to the steel walls of daily struggles. Scale over it and land on triumph.
Related image
What are you so scared of? The person or persons you idolize, are made in your image. Kill the fear. Ask for the impossible. If they do not give it to you, you planned on going out to get it on your own, anyhow. Now, go for it.
Related image
In other words, install a plan B, C, D, E, F, G. Back up your financial coffers. Protect yourself. Do not accept one stream of income. Create several streams of income. Increase your nest egg. Build your empire.
Related image
Always bet on you. You can map out your road to success, very carefully. Reach for your talents. Drag them out, combine them with your ability to focus, your skills, intellect and education. Then let your will to succeed, generate some wild-fire. Move ahead. Do it again.
Related image
No guts, no glory. Go for it. You will regret it, if someone else built up enough courage to do what you could not. Take a chance. Do what you need to do. Do your bit.
Related image
Reach out to those who you admire. Ask them for help. You will be surprised at how quickly, people will agree to mentor you. Tell them why you admire them and what dreams you have for yourself. Be bold. Go get what you need.
Related image
 Recharge your vision. Look within and apply your education, iron will and business intellect. Execute your plan, knowing that, failure, this time, is not an option.
Related image
 Start where you are. Ignore the so-called experts. Get on with the business of building your empire. You are still present, aren`t you?  Go on and build your own.
Image result
Stop worrying about what might happen. What have you got to lose. anyhow? Take the information you already gathered. Apply it to your niche. Work hard and do not, look back.
Related image
 Build a wall that negativity will find impossible to penetrate. Be constantly generous, towards those who elevated you. Those who hurt you in the past are none of your business. Fly forward.
Related image
 Identify what you are weak at. improve your skills. Correct your mistakes. Build again. Clean up and reboot your empire. Refrain from repeating the same miscalculation. Establish a new prototype. Start over.
Image result
Learn how to interact with those with whom you plan to share personal and economic relationships with. Become a master communicator. Be very compelling in the way speak to your professional neighbors.
Related image
There are expectations that you may be oblivious to. Never focus on what they think of you, Instead, obsessively sharpen your skills and talent. Create something that will benefit the world. Then watch them sing your praises.
Related image
Indeed. At least make an effort to do something extraordinary. Even if it makes you seem, devastatingly ridiculous. Just do something.
Related image
 If you fail to launch the nagging thoughts and dreams in your mind, depression sets in. If you have a plan or talent, find a way to share it with the world. You will be surprised , what you can accomplish, just because, you tried.
Image result for motivational quotes from FEMALE billionaires
Motivation is the mother of independence. Apply your tenacity and grind hard. Do it often. Do it like your life depended on it. Watch your life change for the better. Go on.
Related image
Do it now. The landlord or mortgage bank does not care that you do bot feel good today. It`s a new day. Predict your official success. Devise a good plan. Embed it in the marketplace. Fanatically hustle and win. Do not doze off into the depths of inaction.
Image result
 Be careful what your mind conjures up. Focus on what brings you the lifestyle, you desire and deserve. In essence, do not focus on things that will not positively impact your life. Focus instead on, establishing your enormous empire.
Image result for motivational quotes from FEMALE billionaires
Work hard and carefully plan today and your descendants may bask in the glory of your fertile empire. Be vigilant when you advance in business. Surgically cut through the rules and arrive at your professional point of advantage. Be shrewd in your business dealings.
Related image
Let them talk. Worry if they spell your name, wrong. Go right ahead and enact your plan.
Related image
Learn something new. Refresh your skills. Reproduce your talent. Renew your connections. Reinvent yourself.  Pay attention.
Image result for richard branson quotes
 Correct! As long as you are here. Nothing is out of your reach. We are on earth to conquer the impossible. We are very complex but extremely powerful creatures.
Image result for motivational quotes from FEMALE billionaires
 We are all innately gifted with unlimited gifts and talents. We have a responsibility to reach out and help those who are different from who we are. Tolerance should be the human theme song.
Related image
A dream maker. An influencer. An opportunity provider. The answer to some broken dreams. A game changer, indeed.
Related image
Rid your environment of self-professed know it alls. Delete from your life, those who do not believe in your dreams or your ability to reinvent yourself.
Related image
 Let it go. Tear that painful chapter into shreds. Learn from your mistakes. Do not let yesterday`s midlife crisis, seep into your brand new, hard earned reality. Turn your back on the noise.
Related image
 Don`t just sit there. Do your bit. Never underestimate, you. Trust your instincts. Believe you, first. Power through self sabotage.
Image result
Excecise gratitude. Celebrate your accomplishments. Pat yourself on the back. Be grateful for all you have acquired and what was bestowed upon you. Focus on the now.Related image
Advance your personal interests. Believe in yourself. Never forget, you are still the boss. Adhere only to positive affirmations. Yes,you deserve to live a life that is completely devoid of life`s dirty cobwebs. Your will to survive on planet earth is none negotiable.
Related image
How absurd it must seem for one to let life’s misfortune, disrespect us, over and over and over again. Life`s setbacks does take its toll on one`s life. We must refuse to fall into the dark abyss of destitution.
Image result
We are our own game changers. We must change our minds. Stabilize our fears. Follow our passion. Believe that we have the power to improve our own lives and that of our loved ones, colleagues and neighbors. Demonstrate your free will.
Related image
Jubilate in the triumph of the life you are gifted with. commit to shouting your own praises from the roof tops of those who tried to hold you back. Bask in the glory of the heathy and successful life, you lead.
Related image
Fly through your fears. Boss up. Success or nothing. Refuse to give up. Set the winds of negativity, on fire. You are here to write and establish your own success. Get on with it.
Image result for motivational quotes from FEMALE billionaires
Try and repeat. Speak and demonstrate your expertise. Consistently, state your case, until you get the response you desire. if you dont`t, someone else will.
Image result
How would you know, if you do not try? We are all equipped with incredible talents. Take yours and make sure, your talent, is a force to be reckoned with.
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Shift your focus. Fix your attention on what elevates your station in life. Do not deviate from positive affirmations. Obsessively concentrate only on what will enrich your life in all directions.
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 Expect success. Follow in the direction of affluence and business opportunity.  Always expect to bathe in prosperity..
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Turn your back on malice and academic mediocrity. You can overcome the voices of impudence. Disregard the disparaging words of those who want you to fail. Make success, your gold standard. Ignore the constant criticisms and the crippling defeat of illiteracy.
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 Stand up for what`s right. Boldly tell the truth. Commit to one another and let contempt and hatred, drown in the abyss of intolerance.
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Good Morning America’s anchor – Robin Roberts did not conceal her dislike for former White House Aide and Reality – TV star Omarosa Manigault-Newman.

Robin bid Omarosa a final goodbye, when she retorted, “Bye Felicia” as a way of finally saying farewell to Omarosa who had sat down for an interview with GMA co-host: Michael Strahan, explaining her ‘unceremonious exit’ from the White House.

Omarosa told Michael Strahan that  all reports that point towards her being forcibly removed from the White House, are false and most certainly, a convoluted vendetta, against her.

She said:

“I’m not going to expand on it because I still have to go back and work with these individuals, but when I have a chance to tell my story, Michael, quite a story to tell as the only African-American woman in this White House as a senior staff and assistant to the president”.

She continued to tell Michael Strahan of ABC’s “Good Morning America:

“I have seen things that made me uncomfortable, that have upset me, that have affected me deeply and emotionally, that has affected my community and my people. “When I can tell my story — and it is a profound story — I know the world will want to hear.”

Upon hearing what Omarosa said about her ‘resignation’ from her position as Director Of Communications For The Office Of Public Liason For The Trump White House Admiration, a very skeptical Robin Roberts commented :

“She said she has a story to tell? I’m sure she’ll be selling that story.”
Then, for added measure, she invoked Friday’s classic two-word dismissal for persons unlikely to be missed by anyone: “Bye, Felicia.”

Omarosa Manigault-Newman has since fired back at the Good Morning America host, when she said to Inside Edition that :

“Robin’s comments are “petty” and akin to “a black woman civil war.”

Those who have forgotten or are not familiar with the phrase “Bye Felicia,” the phrase was originally invented by Rapper, Movie Producer and Actor – Ice Cube in the movie: FRIDAY.

Do you think, Omarosa’s book will be a 2018 WH smoking gun?

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TWENTY-FIRST CENTURY INFLUENCERS AND SOME OF THEIR MOTIVATIONAL QUOTES #influencers #21stcentury #motivation #success #passion #hardwork #love #life

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Presented herewith, are some highly motivational quotes from the most admired influencers of our time. Take from it what you will and turn it into golden, positive forces of truth and positivity, in your individual lives.

For instance, Freddie Mercury who was lead vocalist of the rock band – “Queen” said these immortal words, while he was still living:

I quote:

“Excess is part of my nature. Dullness is a disease. I really need danger and excitement. I’m never scared of putting myself out on a limb.”

“I won’t be a rock star. I will be a legend.”

“I always knew I was a star And now, the rest of the world seems to agree with me.”

End quote.

We all now agree with him. how true were his words and thoughts? We do not need to imagine them or consider him arrogant or far reaching. His words all came to pass.

FREDDIE MERCURY, THE LEAD VOCALIST, RECORD PRODUCER AND SONGWRITER OF BRITISH ROCK BAND: QUEENImage result for FREDDIE MERCURY quotesHe is so correct in his assertion of what and how technology would drastically impact the Music Industry, Education and Social Media. We will all take note of the fact that, technical data, is the key to great lyrical enjoyment.

The 21 century is corroborating what Freddie Prince said because, new music platforms like Deezer, Sound Cloud and Spotify – will only further increase and spotlight how tapping into data can help artists establish their own creative outlets.

Ladies and Gentlemen, as you can see, Freddie Mercury was correctly prophesying what would eventually take place.

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Allow these quotes from some of our most dazzlingly inspiring influencers of the twenty first century, move you towards your truth and destiny.

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