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I have compiled a list of self-improvement and highly enlightening ways to approach and live your life in 2018. Take from these examples, what you will. Use them as daily affirmations or use them as a guide for your best and most stress and drama free life, in 2018.

Whatever you do, figure out your life`s purpose. Embark on a mission to accomplish your goals or at least most of it, without letting the dark uninvited shadows of procrastination, to creep into your plans for 2018. Go ahead, enjoy learning. As you go along, adopt all affirmations or self-help guides, that apply to your immediate situation.

#7 is quite difficult... ...repinned für Gewinner! - jetzt gratis Erfolgsratgeber sichern
Have you set your goals ambitiously but ended up achieving little?
How to be happy! Learn 7 simple life changes that can make a huge difference to your happiness levels. Read the full article plus more personal development, self improvement and self-help articles at
#5 is really seldom mentioned
Lets leave out 1, 37, and 45.  Okay? ❤
50+ Amazing Tips To Stay Mentally Strong In This Difficult World
How to Be Mentally Strong
Easy Conversation Starters || Questions To Ask || First Date Questions || Social Anxiety...... hey some of these are good ice breakers for a team meeting
How to love yourself.
10 Inspirational Life Lessons from Bruce Lee
Basic Parenting Etiquette Rules that Should Never be Broken How to Sound Polished and Professional
10 Truths You Need to Know for Inner Peace and Happiness
The Top 7 Essential Oils for Anxiety - Dr. Axe
Work To Live Or Live To Work?: Achieving A Balance Infographic
24HOUR (5)
You can build you dream life! But manifestation only happens when you believe you're worthy of your biggest dreams. These three steps will help you get there. Read the more detailed post at
8 Habits of Highly Productive People Manifesto
21 Ways to Wealth and Success
Discover how to become more resilient with these 10tips.
Bad habits that show a lack of self-esteem
10 Rules Of A Great Conversationalist Pictures, Photos, and Images for Facebook, Tumblr, Pinterest, and Twitter
9 Habits of Successful Habits and How It Impacts Your Freelancing + Blogging Career
How to Turn Your Weaknesses into Strengths Infographic
Laws of karma
50 Inspirational Quotes About Success In Life 4
*** 10 tips to help you life-hack your way to increased productivity. Try one tip every workday, and after two weeks, you may be surprised at how much more you can accomplish in 24 hours.
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In his bestselling book, How to Win Friends and Influence People, Dale Carnegie writes about how to become a more influential and respected leader.  Here within this doodle are six ideas taken from his book to help you become a better and more influential leader in your organization.
info-money-karma.png (480×1170)
info-good-karma-practices.png (480×1170)
21 Power Strategies & Mindsets Used by Billionaires to Create Massive Wealth
10 Secrets for Success & Inner Peace | Wellness InStyle Group
Self Care Strategies.  Scientific ways to be happy.!/LivesLearning Twitter: @sapelskog
15 Ways to Fight Depression (A Self-Help Guide) - Insight
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Verses to help embrace change
100 Brilliant Business Minds and What They Said #Infographic #Entrepreneur #SuccessStories
First Impressions: The 8 Things People Decide When First Meet You
Great vs. Average Employees - Human Resources Blog Human Resources Blog
How to plan your week to be productive with this step by step guide. Read more on the blog!
10 Tips to Improve Your Body Language
10 proven tactics for reading people's body language.
You can understand another person's view without necessarily agreeing with them... I'm just being stubborn.
On the Creative Market Blog - 21 Little Ways to Beat Procrastination — Once and for All
This article gave me a step-by-step Sunday routine/Sunday ideas/no spend weekend activities. That will set me up for for a super productive week tips. I'm happy I found this awesome I'm saving it for later.
What do you think? Please let me know if this was helpful to you. Comment, Like, Share and Subscribe.


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