Remilekun Abdulkalid Safaru, popularly known as Reminisce, recently revealed that, he would make the transition from rapping, to politics.

The FEEGO AND BABAHAFUSA rapper, regret`s not fulfilling his dream of graduating from college. Reminisce, went on to say that, he prefers to plan ahead and prepare for a career in politics since he considers it unseemly that, music will continue to support his financial needs when he grows old.

Reminisce does not believe in flaunting his wealth ostentatiously but prefers to invest in his family and community. He also stated that he has properly invested in certain lucrative business deals. Most important of all, he cautioned young people interested in the music industry to hone their skills before establishing a career in music. He did continue to state the fact that, its always advisable to complete one`s education, before venturing off into show business.

The rapper believes that, with a very strong academic background, there would be no limits to what an individual can achieve in life.


Author: spannysunkiojack

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  1. Having recognized that a strong academic background is a good foundation to have, rather than just jump into politics, how about going back to school first? It is not just about graduating in the end but about savouring the journey up to that point. Sometimes, statements made in passing (obiter dicta), form the nucleus of whom we become eventually.

    Secondly, his motive for going into politics is shrouded by shenanigan intentions. Going into politics with a mindset of being able to support his financial needs in old age, clearly reveals he has no intention of serving the people but himself. Politics is his retirement plan and he will loot his way through service to ensure a comfortable old age.

    In conclusion, he should take his own advice, hone his skills in music properly and forge ahead. If he still wishes to leave music, that’s OK. All he needs to do is to get the relevant information and education required in his desired field of interest and pursue it with passion.


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