Apparently, the tide has turned in the R&B singer-Usher Raymond`s STD case.

A few weeks ago, Radar Online, published a report, detailing claims that the singer had paid Maya Fox-Davis  (Usher`s ex-babysitter and celebrity stylist) $1.1 million, after she sued him for exposing her to the Herpes Virus. Since then, it has been revealed that, the court papers, Ms. Fox-Davis originally filed, were accusations that had no merit.

The $2,754 check that was earlier reported as part of a hush hush money, paid to Maya Fox-Davis, has now been debunked by evidence that proves that the check was made out by accounting firm, David Weise & Associates-for Maya`s babysitting services, against his accusers and their legal representation.


On August 8th, Quantasia Sharpton-a former fan of Mr. Raymond`s, held a press conference with her lawyer-Lisa Bloom. During the press conference, they claimed that Usher Raymond had exposed Ms. Sharpton to the herpes virus, after having sex with her, after meeting him, at one of his concerts.

Attorney Lisa Bloom and her client, Quantasia Sharpton have since admitted that an earlier performed test, had proved that Ms. Sharpton, tested negative for the Herpes Virus.

We are yet to hear from Mr. Usher Raymond and his legal team, regarding, this alleged slander.


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