Beautiful baby Kensley Ayanna, was born on March 15th, 2017. Born to her mother-Kiara Shanee and Kiara`s  fiancé, a 5Year cancer survivor. After Kensley arrived, she looked like every perfectly angelic baby. Her mother-Kiara who was in labor for two days, was just so very happy her baby was safely delivered.

She had noticed, the baby`s eyes were swollen and there seemed to be a  lump under her eyes as well. Kiara was reassured by the medical team that, the swelling would go down and that, there was no need to worry. The young mother, who was paying close attention to her motherly instincts, did worry, but prayed for God`s intervention.

The medical team returned and informed Kiara and her Fiance that, their little angel was blind and suffering from a genetic disorder  called-Anophtalmia (Meaning, Born Without Eyes).

In the wake of this tragedy, Kiara has vowed to live her life, preparing her little girl for the injustices she would encounter in this world, and how to successfully fight and navigate herself through life`s pitfalls. All in a bid to live a more than decent life, with dignity.

Kensley is beautiful and amazingly, growing stronger everyday, just like any other 5 month old. Her mother has recently raised over $14,000 through a go fund me project she had set up for the baby. Kensley Ayanna and her parents are working very closely together as a strong family unit and educating themselves on the best way to care for their little girl, while keeping their love alive.





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