U.S. Center For Disease Control And Prevention (The CDC is a United States Federal Agency, under the Department of Health and Human Services, headquartered near Atlanta, Georgia) recently cautioned that, aside from Diabetes, Depression, Heart Disease and obesity, sleep disorders can also evoke brain changes, associated with Alzheimers Disease. Scientists from The University Of Wisconsin-Madison discovered that middle aged people with sleep disorders are more susceptible to this disease.

There is a study called, “Poor Sleep Is Associated With CSF Biomarkers In Amyloid Pathology In Cognitively Normal Adults”.  Dr. Kate Precher- leader of the research, explained that those in mid- life who are able to improve their sleep disturbances, have a higher chance of reducing their risk of developing Alzheimer`s Disease and Dementia.

The research also says that, while everyone with sleep disorders may not develop Alzheimer`s Disease and Dementia, sleep disorders are certainly treatable.


The study also states that, more than five million Americans have Alzheimer`s Disease and Dementia. That number will triple in the absence of new medical advancements, by the year 2050.

Those, suffering with sleep disorders can relieve their lack of rest right before bedtime by ingesting sleep inducing foods such as Bananas, Almonds, Warm Milk and A Tea Spoon Of Honey. This can increasingly relieve tired nerves and muscles because, they contain the Amino Acid, Triptophan which encourages sleep, by signaling the brain to go into rest mode.






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